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The Last Supper, A Musical Enactment

THE LAST SUPPER has been thrilling audiences and has been developing a cult status among inspirational musicals.

It is the story of Leonardo da Vinci's struggle to complete his famous mural. Actors portray Leonardo, Jesus, the twelve Apostles, an Angel and two women, while singers express the meaning and emotion of the action through song.

Leonardo has been commissioned to create a mural of The Last Supper, his first attempt at painting in ten years. He fears he has lost his artistic vision by squandering his gifts. An angel/muse inspires him to invoke the Apostles and ultimately the Last Supper.

As each Apostle comes to life and tells his story, the story is then reflected through music in an uplifting contemporary pop-gospel score. By discovering what each individual was thinking and feeling at the moment of crisis, Leonardo confronts his own betrayal and learns that through love and faith he can rediscover the vision of divine inspiration and the purpose of life.

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